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Colour consistency across all your branding.


Quite simply, a CXF toolkit is a bundle of everything you need to guarantee ALL of your colours are on-brand, all of the time, in every part of the supply chain. Design, proof, print. Perfect packaging is as easy as that.


The quality of your packaging is the difference between ‘buy me’ and ‘bye-bye’. We get that. The best brand teams do, too. CXF puts bespoke toolkits together in bundles that have everything you need:

  • an affordable, reliable, contract proofing system
  • software that guarantees consistency from the studio to the shelf
  • GRACoL and FOGRA-certified paper for proofs you can trust

You’ve invested heavily in your products. Why reduce their value with sub-standard packaging? We can make sure colour consistency is the one thing you don’t need to worry about.

We promise we won’t sell you just any-old toolkit. We’ll make sure it’s the right contract proofing and colour management toolkit for your business.

put us to the test. 

Go on, see if we know our stuff. Get your design and brand teams to ask us the most evil, complex questions you can think of about colour proofing and improvements to brand loyalty.

We’ll stake our reputation (and our relationship with you) on the answers. CXF has everything you need to improve colour consistency across your brand and throughout your supply chain.

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