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We only recommend Epson printers for inkjet proofing.


Epson are the industry leaders in the proofing, fine art and photographic sectors.
Why Epson? They’ve been out in front for over 20 years. In our opinion, cutting corners to choose anything else on price just isn’t worth it. You’ll always come back to Epson. 


But you’ve got to phone us, for the best deal.

pick. up. the. phone

Our best deals are never online. We’re funny like that. (Plus, we like hearing your voice). Give us a call, see what we can do for you today.


  • It’s an Epson – you could choose another brand. But why would you?
  • It’s an Epson – so you’ll get hardware support that’s second to none.
  • It’s an Epson – and we’ll make sure you get the set-up support you need, too.



Epson cornered the contract proofing market in the early 2000s with Ultrachrome inks. Then they turned up the heat by introducing built-in spectrophotometers from X-Rite.

We use that spectro to check and calibrate the printer for you, and to certify that every proof will be within the right colour tolerance for your print process.

We’ll also use the spectro to make new proofing profiles, so you can go make a cup of tea. Kick back. Put your feet up. The Epson will get on with the job.

Epson printers come with three black inks for the most accurate grey-scales, and orange, green and violet inks for matching Pantone and special colours. Epson Ultrachrome inks stay light fast for up to 75 years (we trust Epson on that, haven’t tested it personally), and they’re versatile enough so that any proofing system can be used for high quality ‘print for pay’ and fine art.

Oh, and don’t ask us – we never sell third-party inks.

Nope. Not ever.